Additional Grooming Information:

All of our grooms are done using the finest spa shampoo.

Many are oatmeal based so it's gentle on your dog or cat's skin.

It leaves a shiny, soft feel to the fur. 

All of our baths and grooms include a nail grinding,

tooth brushing and ear cleaning.

Grooming Pricing

Dog/Cat Nails:    


Cat Grooming:    


Dog Baths: 

$37.50 - $57.00

Dog Grooming: 

$57.00 - $77.00

A LITTLE ABOUT Our Grooming/ Daycare Center.

Daycare drop offs begin at 7:00am with the last pick-up by 6:30pm. We include a trip to the fenced-in dog park starting at 11:00am. Each trip lasts for approx. 45 mins. Once at the dog park, dogs are free to run around without a leash or just bask in the sun. By the time you come to pick your dog up, they will be happy, tired and very well socialized. 

The cost of the daycare is

$25.00 per day